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Cyberpunk Chronicle was originally launched as Cyberpunkery back in the Summer of 2016 by Daniel Thurman. But the idea came to him in the Fall of 2015 as he was playing Mega Man Zero Collection on the Nintendo DS. Struck by how cyberpunk the game was, he wanted to share his love for it—and his enthusiasm for the cyberpunk genre as a whole—with the world.

The goal at first was to go back through all the cyberpunk media he had experienced throughout his life and write retrospectives on them. But then a strange thing happened around the same time the site was launched. Cyberpunk started getting a lot of attention again. This is due in no small part to CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 game which was initially announced just a couple years prior. There was a lot of buzz around the game from mainstream audiences at that time and it generated a lot of newfound attention to the genre. Which in turn inspired a lot of creatives to dive into the genre and create new works. Everything from games, to books, to comics, and even music and movies suddenly had fresh new cyberpunk entries.

While the goal with Cyberpunk Chronicle is still to write as many retrospectives, reviews, and in-depth features on cyberpunk media as possible, the aim has shifted slightly to focus more on news. Our goal with Cyberpunk Chronicle is to be a reliable source of information covering not only cyberpunk but also adjacent genres like post-cyberpunk, tech-noir, retro-futuristic, future-dystopian, and more. We personally curate content from the best sites across the web and provide our own original content to meet all your incredibly tasteful cyberpunking needs.

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We are completely independent and reader supported. We believe in privacy and security on the web and do not provide ads, affiliate links, or trackers anywhere on our site. So if you find this site useful and want to see it get bigger and better, please consider supporting us by signing up to our Patreon.

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But it should be! And you can help make it happen.

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